We deal with Road Accident Fund & Medical Negligence claims specialising in birth injury claims.

Rob Menzies Incorporated is a firm of attorneys with over 25 years’ experience dealing mainly with personal injury and medical negligence matters.
Our firm of attorneys have the ability to investigate and prosecute the most intricate cases in a time efficient manner.
We strive to attain excellent results in all our matters and in dealing with our clients in a friendly and approachable manner.
We pride ourselves in dealing with each matter with due diligence, striving to make a difference in the lives of our clients.
We work hard towards obtaining justice for our clients and obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for our client, payable by law.

Areas of Expertise


An injury to your mind, body or emotions which occurred through the negligence of a company, the state, another person etc can be regarded as personal injury and a person may legally claim damages for same.

Some examples of personal injuries are:

  • Injuries caused by slipping or falling in public places;
  • Injuries caused by potholes, footpaths;
  • Assault by police or other state employees;
  • Animal bites;
  • Motor vehicle accidents.

If you are of the view that you have suffered a personal injury and would like advice on how to proceed further, kindly contact us on 031 -3011 080.  


Medical negligence is poor quality care provided by a medical professional/hospital/clinic which resulted in the patient sustaining some of the following:

  • Injuries;
  • Pain;
  • Suffering;
  • Complications;
  • loss of body parts such as limbs etc;
  • birth defects such as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome etc;
  • death of your infant, spouse etc;
  • Paralysis;
  • Medical instruments being left in your body after a surgery;
  • Surgical errors;
  • Wrong diagnosis.

If you have been through an unfortunate incident with a medical practitioner/hospital/clinic and due to his/her/its negligence and substandard care have suffered, then contact us now on 031- 3011 080.


Our services are rendered on a no-win, no fee-basis in terms of the Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997. All clients are required to sign a Contingency Fee Agreement and Special Power of Attorney upon inception of the matter.

We will cover the costs of obtaining medical expert opinions and counsel which together with interest, will be deducted from the capital award secured for the client on successful conclusion of the matter together with the Contingency Fee Agreement mentioned above.

In the event that we advise a client that there is no prospect of success, no professional fees will be imposed on the client for services rendered.


Our dedicated staff comprise of expert professionals and administrative assistants. Most of whom have been with the firm for many years. We are an equal-opportunity employer with many of our staff from disadvantaged communities. The company is dedicated to the promotion and achievement of equality. We believe that our competent staff will satisfy all your legal requirements in respect of your personal injury and medical negligence claim and ensure that your matter is handled in an efficient, and professional manner at all times.

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